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Saturday , April 18 , 2015

Syria refugee wave piles pressure on West

The war in Syria is creating the worst global refugee crisis in decades, putting new pressure on the US and other western countries to open their doors - and in turn, prompting domestic political...   | Read..

Qaida cloud over Yemen

The capture of much of eastern Yemen's oil-producing province by a newly formed group of armed tribesmen and Sunni Muslim clerics has alarmed local officials, who say they...   | Read..

Parents' plea to end anguish

The parents of the boy who was the youngest to die in the attack on the Boston Marathon have asked federal prosecutors to abandon their effort to sentence the bomber to death.   | Read..

Bar on mile-high sleeper

A contract baggage handler who became trapped in the belly of an Alaska Airlines jet on takeoff from Seattle after falling asleep in the plane's cargo hold has been banned...   | Read..
Kate Winslet has won numerous awards, including an Oscar, as well as widespread critical acclaim...   | Read..
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