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Friday , April 17 , 2015
Salt Lake

Hawkers grab pavement rights

New Market, Gariahat and Hatibagan today. Salt Lake tomorrow and New Town the day after? Our planned township is fast passing into the clutches of encroachers. The township that once took pride in...   | Read..

Legal rivals come to blows in court complex

Why wait for the court to give its verdict when you can settle the matter yourselves in a free-for-all fight just outside the courtroom?    | Read..

Sound of silence

A mime festival held at EZCC brought together artistes from more than 10 Indian states and even some from Bangladesh. The artistes would take part in workshops by day and...   | Read..

Brush with fun for kids 

Bidhan Sishu Udyan in Ultadanga organised its 39th annual competition and over 3,000 youngsters showed up. The fest was for those aged between three and 16 years and had...   | Read..

Ensure clean-up after party 

Apropos the article “Post-party mess at CK-CL Park”, published on February 6, the sorry state reported about the park is 100 per cent true.   | Read..

Bumpy rides

The roads of Salt Lake are in a sorry state yet again. As residents bear the brunt, the authorities claim to start repairing them soon. Anupam Dutta,...   | Read..

Nuts for coconut

Care for a glass of refreshing tender coconut water to beat the heat? Or perhaps use Coconut milk to prepare Chingri Malai Curry for a belated Poila Baisakh feast?   | Read..

My garden

Winter may have come and gone but the last batch of seasonal flowers is yet to bid adieu in Rimi Kabiraj’s garden. The boundary walls of her house are lined with pots...   | Read..

Theme: Flyers and acrobats. 

I have clicked these pictures of birds and squirrels that visit Labony with my Canon Powershot SX230 HS. The squirrel play in a Gulmohar tree next to my flat...   | Read..

Caught kebab, bowled cricket

Unlimited kebabs with limited overs cricket. Add to that as many swigs of beer as needed to slake one’s thirst for the game. That is the combination that a Sector V...   | Read..
Hawkers grab pavement rights