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| Thursday, April 16, 2015 |


High 5

Here are five niche areas in the fashion industry that you should look at. Sharmistha Ghosal explains why

So you think the glamorous world of fashion is enticing. You want to be one of those who weave the clothes that pretty models sashay down the catwalk in. Time for a reality check. The fashion industry is a dog-eat-dog world where you have to work... | Read»

Bags, that's mine

Each bag tells a different story. So which one is yours, asks Anmol Baid

Kirti Bihani, Sunakshi Chowdhury and Kriti Rathi are BFFs — best friends forever, for those who came in late. All three study at the J.D. Birla Institute, love phuchkas and shopping, are mad about Ranbir Kapoor and are slogging to pass their... | Read»

Cradle of fashion

Located on a busy thoroughfare in Naraina, an industrial area in south west of Delhi, the Pearl Academy campus hardly looks like a fashion institute at first glance. Its off-white walls just too staid to even merit a second glance. But a peep... | Read»

For engineering, try France

Institut Mines-Télécom is a group of top 12 graduate schools of engineering and a management school in France. Run by the French Ministry of Industry, it is the largest consortium of engineering education in the country. IMT is... | Read»

East meets west 

Campus buzz: News, views and trivia straight  from schools and colleges

Recently, Trio d’Anches — comprising young German musicians Jarg Schneider on the oboe, Steffen Dillner on clarinet and Philipp Zeller on the bassoon — presented a unique symphony along with the orchestra of Kolkata Music... | Read»