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Friday , March 20 , 2015

Tunis raid first drop of rain: IS

Tunisia said it would deploy the army to major cities and arrested nine people today after 20 foreign tourists were shot dead in an attack on a museum that the Islamic State called "the first...   | Read..

Kate's 2nd child due in mid-April

The exact date when the Duchess of Cambridge's baby is due has always been a closely guarded secret.   | Read..

Starbucks initiative on race ties draws flak

Scrawled on Starbucks cups, the words "Race Together" were intended to stimulate conversations about race relations in America, beginning just days before the...   | Read..

Bibi softens stand on two states

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel today walked back from his pre-election declaration that no Palestinian state would be established on his watch.   | Read..

Reprieve for Pak death-row convict

A Pakistani man charged as a child with murder was dressed in a white uniform, ready for hanging, and told to write his will before the execution was postponed, his family...   | Read..
Tunis raid first drop of rain: IS
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