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| Thursday, March 19, 2015 |


What an idea, Sirji

Contests are being held across the world to help students think out of the box. These innovation challenges are a win-win situation, finds Avijit Chatterjee  

Have an innovative idea but don't know how to implement it? Fret not. Companies, organisations and top educational institutions hope to nurture your creative notions and turn them into reality. Some even hold innovation challenges to encourage... | Read»

Summer cool

What should you wear to college this summer? Anmol Baid, on what’s cool and funky

Denims are my bet for the season,” says Zafar Ali, a third-year student of Vivekananda College, Calcutta. “Crop tops are so me. Especially ones with bright prints,” adds Madhumanti Dasgupta, second-year student of National... | Read»

Portal for DIY projects


There is great joy and satisfaction in making a do-it-yourself (DIY) project. Whether it is a salad recipe or a complex electric umbrella, the fun in DIY projects is that you get to choose colours and textures of your choice. While the Internet is... | Read»

For research, head for Deutschland

Germany is the best bet for engineering, science and technology students from India, says Prasun Chaudhuri

Picture this: Scores of driverless cars zooming across a six-lane autobahn (highway). Hundreds of robots working seamlessly on a large factory floor while talking to each other. Automatic shelves moving around a gigantic warehouse of an e-commerce... | Read»

Big data, big bucks

If you want to be a marketing manager, you need to know data analytics. It's all about crunching data to help your company make smart moves, says Avijit Chatterjee

The world of marketing has undergone a sea change. No longer is it limited to just selling products and services. With the incredible explosion of data, consumers have a huge amount of information at their fingertips. For instance, technology has... | Read»