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| Thursday, March 5, 2015 |



The Telegraph YOU — your campus buddy — invited students to contribute to a Do It Yourself (DIY) special issue with the aim of providing a platform to talented students to exhibit their creative spark. The result was a deluge of... | Read»

Tell a story

We asked students to create a storyline for a film on the theme college romance. Here are three more stories that touched our hearts

Wake up, Samir. It’s 9 o’clock”.  I opened my eyes and saw the most beautiful woman standing beside my bed.  “You remember the day, don’t you?” asked my wife Priya. | Read»

Quick bites

We asked students to create a 30-minute snack they would love to munch on during study breaks. These may not have made it to the top three but they are fast to cook and good to eat

Baby Corn Paneer Pakoda | Read»

Doodle delight

We asked students to make a doodle out of the YOU logo. Here are the top four entries chosen by Subrata Gangopadhyay

In the classical sense, a doodle is a drawing created by a person who is otherwise occupied. Scribbles found in the notebooks of Leonardo da Vinci or Rabindranath Tagore are great examples of doodles. In recent times, the Internet search engine... | Read»

The spirit of  YOU

We asked students to design a poster — copy and artwork — to advertise YOU. Here are the top five entries adman Mrityunjoy Chatterjee picked 

Your design of a poster must convey information about a particular subject or product and at the same time appeal to the aesthetic tastes of your target audience. The audience — in this case, college and high school students — must get... | Read»

Ask your buddies

For this DIY issue, we asked students to offer solutions to relationship problems faced by their peers. Read on.

I am 20. A few months ago I met a girl who used to be my classmate four years ago. We became the best of friends and, slowly, I realised that I’d fallen in love with her. I proposed to her, but she said she had no romantic feelings for me.... | Read»