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| Monday, February 23, 2015 |


Diabetic? Try camel's milk

Many members of a tribe in Rajasthan have a gene that predisposes them to diabetes but the number of diabetics among the Raikas is nearly zero. Is it because of the camel milk they drink, asks T.V. Jayan

Apastoral tribe that lives in the Thar desert in Rajashtan has medical researchers stumped. There are extremely few cases of diabetes among the 3-lakh-strong, camel-rearing Raika community, despite the presence of genes that predispose them to the... | Read»

Facebook bequest

BITS & BYTES / Surit Doss

A couple of years ago, I faced an extremely disturbing situation on Facebook when a person I knew to be dead was suggested as a friend. How do you dispose of a dead person's digital personal effects? Now that we practically live our lives online,... | Read»

A huge headache

Q:I have headaches once or twice a week. I cannot do any work, am forced to lie down, and, finally, get relief only after I vomit. This is causing havoc at my workplace as I take about two days off every week. My colleague advised me to try... | Read»