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| Sunday, February 22, 2015 |


The regions rule!

Amateur cooks are turning chefs in their own homes to whip up regional cuisine meals for large-scale events and short-of-time urbanites, says Chitra Anand Papnai

IT professionals turned entrepreneurs Ashima Shetty and Radhika Hegde were quick to spot a business opportunity. For years they watched their young colleagues in the info-tech industry eat out or struggle with getting their three meals a day. | Read»

A show of hands

Make a unique statement with hand harnesses that have been given modern and edgy makeovers, says Susmita Saha

It’s a happy marriage of the bracelet and the ring — and it’s become one of the season’s smoking hot fashion statements. Hand harnesses accentuate the taper of your fingers, the delicacy of the wrist and the smooth curve of... | Read»

A premium pitch

Volkswagen has smartened its upmarket sedan in a bid to win back buyers who are shifting to SUVs and luxury brands, says Abhijit Mitra

It has finally dawned on Volkswagen that it might have taken the idea of a corporate look for its cars too far. Starting from the Polo and going up to the Jetta or even the Passat, they looked like S, M, L and XL sizes of the same thing, ... | Read»

A visual feast

Chef Vikramjit Roy plays with textures and flavours to conjure up a sensory feast, says Rahul Verma

I quite like egg curries cooked in the Bengali way. A boiled egg is fried and, once browned, allowed to simmer in a nice curry flavoured with spices. I am not sure how Vikramjit Roy cooked it as a young boy. But he tells me his mother was a bit... | Read»

Travelling light

A quick dash across the English Channel takes Rishad Saam Mehta to the sparkling Fête des Lumiêres in Lyon

Of all kinds of travel, the one that brings me the greatest joy is spontaneous travel. | Read»

The casual code

Kingfisher calender girl and model Elena Fernandes, likes it best when she’s in her and skinny jeans and tank tops

Style according to you is... | Read»

The low-cost warrior

Asus’ EeeBook X205T ticks all the right boxes and comes at an extremely competitive price, says Tushar Kanwar

| Read»

A return to roots

Singer Roop Kumar Rathod is taking a break from Bollywood playback singing and making a huge effort to popularise ghazals

There have been several milestones in my career but the biggest turning point was my first playback song Main Tera Ashiq Hoon in the film Gumrah (1993). It was composed by Laxmikant Pyarelal. | Read»