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Sunday , February 15 , 2015
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Cup Drive

Teams of the tournament:  Head and heart say the same thing — Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, India and England.    | Read..

World Cup

India’s chances this World Cup Sarah Waris, Preety Gupta, Avinandan Mondal, Pinak Chakraborty   | Read..

First look at 50 shades: UK vs USA

It’s not often that I go to see a sex movie at 4pm on a Friday afternoon. In fact, never. But these were exceptional circumstances.   | Read..


Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter,” goes a line by Mark Twain. And who knows it better than Anjan Dutt. At 62, the...   | Read..

Anupam Roy woos — and wows — with his love songs

He was greeted on stage with ear-splitting screams and claps, and Anupam Roy turned it on and how! The singer-songwriter wowed the Nazrul Mancha audience — at Cancun...   | Read..

Dada ke liye kuch bhi karunga — Harbhajan Singh on Sourav Ganguly, music and cricket vs soccer

Captain of the Punjab Ranji team now and hero of many a match in the Team India shirt back then, Harbhajan Singh spoke to t2 on the sets of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Li’l Champs...   | Read..

A sunday brunch at 1658 bar and kitchen

What better way to spend a Sunday afternoon than whiling away time with friends over a feast? That is exactly what Nina Saxer, wife of Swissotel general manager Marco...   | Read..

Old-world Calcutta meets a quaint Paris at the new Mrs. Magpie bistro

If we could, we’d edit all the pictures on this page using a grainy, old-wordly-yet-glamourous filter to show you what the new Mrs. Magpie Bistro looks, and feels,...   | Read..

Abhijaan 2015 was quite an adventure with bengali films in Dubai. Only t2 was there

A bouquet of seven Tollywood films brought a fresh whiff of thrill and romance to the Bengali movie buffs of Dubai early in February. The three-day film festival, Abhijaan...   | Read..

Jimmy Tangree gives the mic to newcomers Ashmita and Shalini

A wonderful week just went by with Friends Live Plugged being the icing on the cake. Anupam Roy, father-son team Anjan and Neel Dutt and guitar guru Amyt Datta played to a...   | Read..

The youtube toppers



There are first jobs and there are first jobs. At 23, Joanna Rakoff, just out of college, has no specific ideas about what she wants to do, other than the fact that she...   | Read..

Hot dudes reading

There are all sorts of men that women will look at twice. The man in the bow tie, the man with the chiselled jaw, the man in the Jaguar convertible.    | Read..
Salman Khan and Kareena Kapoor were snapped on the sets of Bajrangi Bhaijaan at the Red Fort in...   | Read..