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| Sunday, February 15, 2015 |


Fun at the farm

It’s all about reconnecting with rural India and getting away from it all at farm-stays from Punjab to Kerala, says Anupma Mishra

Ever wanted to get a flavour of rural India and escape the city smog? Well, just take a three-hour drive from Delhi to Pratapgarh Farms where you can try out the rural life as a guest. Here you’ll get a chance to drive a tractor, milk a cow... | Read»

Let the music play

Arjun Vagale’s making it big internationally, in the underground dance music scene, and is in demand at festivals around the world, says Ruhi Batra

It was a turning point for Arjun Vagale, India’s most successful underground dance music star. In the summer of 2012 Richie Hawtin, DJ-and-producer par excellence and the undisputed minimal techno king played the Vagale-produced track, She... | Read»

A dancer’s retreat

The prima donna of Indian classical dance, Yamini Krishnamurthy’s passion for dance is reflected all across her simple yet uncluttered home, says Anupma Mishra

Delhi’s temperatures may have dipped to bone-numbing figures, but as you step into dancer Yamini Krishnamurthy’s home, you are engulfed in warmth. The bright glow of oil lamps in the pooja ghar at the entrance not only warm up the... | Read»

An Anglo-Indian feast

Innovative chefs are giving a delicious makeover to Anglo-Indian fare, which is almost on the verge of vanishing, says Rahul Verma

The Bengali bori — a dried lentil ball — is rather versatile. It is made with various kinds of dals and flavours quite a few dishes. You’ll find it in fish curries and in mixed vegetable dishes such as chorchori and shukto, to... | Read»

Magical Morocco

Exotic towns like Casablanca, Marrakech, Essaouira and Fes offer a feast for the senses, says Sharique Chishti

Sometimes you don’t need a genie rubbing his lamp to conjure up a magic land — you can just catch a flight to Morocco with its fortune tellers, snake charmers, teeming souks, rich palaces and roadside theatre. Our journey to this... | Read»

A smarter wave

Is there no end to the new smartphones coming on the market? The answer to that is a blunt no. The newest phones are coming at all price points from the very expensive to budget offerings. In our phone special we look at the newest offerings, says Tushar Kanwar

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is a phone that instantly demands attention. Use it in public, and just about everyone notices you’re using a phone where the right edge curves off where normal screens stop.  | Read»

One for the road

Winning MTV Roadies put anchor and actor Rannvijay Singh’s life in a new gear

The most important turning point in my life came when I cleared the SSB examinations and interview which are mandatory for joining the army. The appreciation and approval I received from my friends and family made me feel I had achieved something... | Read»