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| Thursday, February 5, 2015 |


7 skills to land a job

Don’t just study. Read, learn how to converse and hone a host of other skills to ensure that you are in hot demand in the job market, says Prasun Chaudhuri 

By now, you must have come across at least one of the scores of surveys of headhunters that conclude: India produces some five million graduates each year but most of them are unemployable. It is common knowledge that while college gives you basic... | Read»

Love on a budget

Cash-strapped? Don’t worry. Anmol Baid offers six pocket-friendly dating ideas for Valentine’s Day 

It's that time of the year again. Red roses, pink balloons, heart-shaped cards and discounts on couple entry. Are you just a little perturbed, because deciding on a "perfect date" with your partner is not as easy as you thought? Well,... | Read»

Career news

What is your dream job? Is it the one that will bring a fat pay cheque or the one that will make you smile every time you step into your workplace? Striking the right balance between career satisfaction and monetary gains is tricky, but experts... | Read»

Tough to crack

Few Indian students bag a Clarendon scholarship for studying at Oxford University. Prasun Chaudhuri looks at why the competition is so tough

Maidul Islam did not know much about the Clarendon Fund when he was applying for a doctor of philosophy (DPhil) programme at Oxford University. "All you have to do is tick a box in the application form while applying to the university,"... | Read»

Burning bright

News, views and trivia straight  from schools and colleges

As part of its corporate social responsibility Aircel, the telecom company, held the Kids For Tigers Fest at New Delhi's Modern School, engaging more than 1,500 children from over 40 schools across the city. The fest was organised as a token of... | Read»

your voice

The concept of valentine’s Day goes against Indian Culture

The concept of valentine’s Day goes against Indian Culture | Read»