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| Sunday, November 9, 2014 |


Game of drones

UAVs made by young Indian entrepreneurs are flying high and being used for everything from guarding borders to making movies, says Aarti Dua | Read»

A natural high

A mix of nuts and exotic seeds like alfalfa, chia and sabja are among the hot new health foods recommended by nutritionists, says Lubna Salim | Read»

A sweeter match

Chefs are mixing and matching to turn out desserts that combine the best of the East and West, says Rahul Verma | Read»

The Goldilocks land

The trains are punctual almost to the second and it's tough to find fault with Japanese precision, says Anirban Mahapatra | Read»

Timing it right

The Moto 360 scores over other smart watches with its premium looks and distinctive features, says Tushar Kanwar | Read»

Jazzing up Bollywood

As a child, Shefali Alvares began by accompanying her father and she hasn't stopped hitting the high notes | Read»