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| Sunday, September 28, 2014 |


Hideaway in the hills

Ranikhet's own traditions and its unique culture have trumped the charmsof Durga Puja, says Anuradha Roy | Read»

An arty carnival

The Pujas are getting splashier each year but the larger-than-life designer creations vanish after the festival | Read»

Dressing like a diva

For the Puja season look out for fashion tips from all points of the compass. By Lubna Salim and Treena Mukherjee | Read»

Modak magic

Innovate this Puja season and try out one of western India's favourite sweets — and givethem different kinds of fillings, says Rahul Verma | Read»

Slovakian surprise

Bratislava, Slovakia's capital, is off the beaten track but has a rich history and many beautiful baroque buildings, says Soumen Mukerji | Read»

Hi-tech clashes

It's a battlefield out there as these closely matched products go head-to-head against each other, says Tushar Kanwar | Read»

Changing the script

A chance meeting led Gaurav Pandey to switch from making documentaries to scriptwriting and making feature films | Read»