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| Sunday, August 31, 2014 |


Rock steady

Bouldering is the incredibly difficult climbing discipline that's attracting extreme adventure enthusiasts, says SUSMITA SAHA | Read»

Playing to win

JSW's Parth Jindal is hoping to score big in the sporting arena, says Anupma Tripathi | Read»

An arty abode

Prateek and Priyanka Raja of Experimenter gallery have filled their 22nd-floor apartment with carefully chosen art, says Treena Mukherjee | Read»

Starry spread

City chef Pradip Rozario pays homage to Bengal's favourite film star, Uttam Kumar, by dedicating an entire menu to him, says Rahul Verma | Read»

An island story

Tiny Yoron in Japan offers the tourist fabulous diving and snorkelling in pristine waters, as well as a disappearing island, says Arnab Nandy | Read»

Haute blend

Model Sonika Chauhan pulls off looks that range from trendy to androgynous with ease | Read»

A surprise winner

The One from Chinese manufacturer OnePlus offers terrific looks and performance at half the price of its competitors, says Tushar Kanwar | Read»

On the write track

Getting a chapter from his first novel published in Britain's leading literary journal set the ball rolling for Amit Chaudhuri's writing career | Read»