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Saturday , August 30 , 2014
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Difficult to block porn sites, govt tells court

New Delhi, Aug. 29: The Centre today told the Supreme Court that it was difficult to block all pornographic sites as it did not have the requisite technology and infrastructure.

“Your lordships, there are about four crore sites on the Internet and it would be virtually impossible to block pornography material, but we are making our best efforts to tackle the problem.

“If we block one site, another site would pop up. But we are making our efforts. We have also constituted an advisory panel in the ministry (telecom) which is looking into the issue,” additional solicitor-general L. Nageswara Rao told the court.

But the bench said more efforts had to be put in as the menace could not be ignored. This followed remarks by the petitioner’s counsel, Vijay Panjwani, that the government had not taken any step even 18 months a PIL was filed.

“Law, technology and governance have to be synchronised to control pornographic material on the Internet,” the bench told Rao.

The court then asked the petitioner, Kamlesh Vaswani, to send his suggestions to the advisory panel.

Vaswani, an advocate from Madhya Pradesh, has sought directives to block all porn sites, particularly foreign ones, claiming they were responsible in large part for the rising rapes and other forms of sexual violence against women and children.