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Monday , August 25 , 2014
CIMA Gallary

Raina: Time for us to show character

Calcutta: Despite an impressive start, India were simply walloped thereafter by England in the Tests.

To make sure their performances in the longer version have no bearing on the ODIs, first of which is on Monday at Bristol, senior pro Suresh Raina urges his teammates to show character at this difficult phase.

Speaking to, the senior pro said: “The team is going through a difficult phase right now and it is time for us to show character. It can be difficult sometimes to move on from such defeat, but you have to fight your way out of it when you’re playing at the international level.

“The new players will bring freshness in the squad, which will help the guys who have been here for the Tests regain the positivity. They are striving to learn from their mistakes and we will add fresh spirit.”

Raina stressed on bringing in a positive aura and exuberance in the camp. “I always try to maintain the cheerfulness in the team, both on and off the field.

“I am the first person to run to the bowler or fielder when a wicket falls. Small things like running to the bowler at fine leg or third man to fetch his sweater can make a huge difference in the team atmosphere,” he said.

“It is contagious — when one player starts doing it, another follows, and then the whole team is pumping with energy and high spirits. This energy takes time to build — sometimes four overs, at times 10

“To create that atmosphere, someone has to take a lead and make that extra effort. Everyone is either thinking about his own batting or bowling,” he added.

“Mahi (Mahendra Singh Dhoni) always says that when someone makes a brilliant stop or takes a good catch, go and pat him on the back. That shows how involved you are in the game.

“If I just stand there minding my own business, everyone will just go through the motions. But if I go and pat someone, another person will come and do the same when I do something good. That creates a positive aura in the field, makes you feel lighter and lifts everyone around.

“That is something in my hands and something I have been doing for the last 10 years.”