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Monday , August 25 , 2014

Himalayan discovery

Major geological events of the past often leave their mark in the biological world. Researchers studying geckos in eastern and northern India have discovered that the rising of the Himalayas, which began some 50 million years ago, has greatly influenced the diversification of geckos in India ...  | Read.. 
Himalayan discovery
Celebrity game
It is new, it is fun, and it whets your appetite for glamour. You can play it anywhere — on a bus, at the dentist’s or in a queue. Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, a free mobile game for Apple and Android devices, is so addictive that it makes ...  | Read.. 
On your knees
The knees are one of the larger joints in the body, supporting its entire weight. It is a hinge joint, like that of a door, capable only of moving for ...  | Read..