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Temple panel fixes peace puja dates

- Lakhs to attend Mahavihara events from Oct to Feb; CCTVs, separate committees to manage mela arrangements

The Bodhgaya Temple Management Committee (BTMC) on Sunday released a detailed schedule of the events for the 2014-15 tourist season. The world peace pujas in Bodhgaya would start from October 12 this year.

Every year, religious organisations of different countries like Japan, China, Bhutan and Nepal organise the annual events on the Mahavihara campus in Bodhgaya. According to the schedule, the series of events will start this year with the maha kathina civara dana ceremony (robe offering ceremony) on the campus of the World Heritage Mahabodhi Mahavihara on October 12 and would continue till January 30 next year.

Thereafter, other important events would include Kagyu Monlam and the Nyingma Monlam of Kagyu and the Nyingma sects of Tibetan Buddhism respectively. The annual events would come to an end with the 10-day Nyingma Monlam Chenmo prayers for world peace of Nyingma sect Tibetan Buddhists from January 21 to 30.

However, the schedule of events is likely to extend to February because the dates of Jonang Monlam Chenmo are yet to be confirmed.

Devotees from Himachal Pradesh will organise the 13-day Dongsar prayer ceremony from October 22 to November 3 followed by 18-day international water-land Buddhist ceremony November 11 to 28, Japanese puja on November 21, 13-day Vajra Satu Dungyur recitation puja from November 29 to December 11, 11-day 10th international Tipitaka chanting ceremony from December 2 to 12, nine-day Kagyu Monlam Chenmo prayers from December 14 to 22, eight-day 32nd annual international Kagyu Monlam Chenmo from December 28 to January 4, five-day 4th international Manu Dungchur Monlam from December 31 to January 4, four-day Krodikali puja (Dudjom Throemai Tshogbum Chenmo) from January 7 to 10 and the 10-day 26th Nyingma Monlam Chenmo prayer for world peace from January 21 to 30.

The international water-land ceremony would be organised by the Mahabodhi Chinese temple, while Indosan Nipponji Japanese temple, Bodhgaya, would organise the Japanese puja. Manang social services committee, Nepal, will organise the Vajra Satu Dungyur recitation puja, Dudjom Krodikali association, Bhutan, will organise the Krodikali puja.

A large number of monks, nuns, devotees and the tourists from Buddhist countries such as Japan, Thailand, Bhutan, Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam, and China take part in the annual peace puja performances every year on the Mahavihara campus.