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Saturday , August 23 , 2014

Miguel’s fitness strategy

Calcutta: Atletico de Kolkata chief physical trainer Miguel Martinez said his main job would be to strike the right balance between the Indian and foreign players. “That will be my main job. To strike the right balance vis a vis the fitness level,” he said on Friday.

“My job will be to get the players in the right shape. The technical aspect of players will also be scrutinised.

“The training routine at a high altitude location will be new to some of the players, and they need to acclimatise. I will be setting short and long-term targets to make the programme realistic,” he said.

Martinez refused to believe that Indian players lack the endurance. “Many things work against you when the shoulders drop. The result, the way a particular match is panning out… It leads to frustration…

“From outside, you may think a particular player did not last a full 90-minute match because he did not have the endurance. It’s not the case all the time…” he said.

Martinez was not worried about the poor quality of the artificial turf at the Salt Lake Stadium.

“In Madrid during the camp, we will be having practice sessions on better artificial turf.

“I am told that after December, the Salt Lake Stadium turf will go back to natural grass. So it’s just a matter of one season. Also, we should not be wary of the turf. Teams coming here to play should be more worried. That’s their challenge, not ours,” he said.

Martinez said he would be bringing in the La Liga methodology in the squad.