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Wednesday , August 20 , 2014
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Power firm aids parched villages

Maithon Power Limited (MPL), a joint venture company of Tata Power and Damodar Valley Corporation (DVC), has extended a helping hand to more than 6,000 families living in the neighbourhood to solve their water woes.

It has spent around Rs 2 lakh to repair more than 100 defunct tubewells in 21 villages near the 1,050MW power plant in Maithon during a three-month-long operation that began on May 5.

The company will also carry regular out maintenance of the newly repaired hand pumps.

The repairs were carried out to help over 30,000 people living in the 21 villages of farmers facing acute shortage of water.

Earlier, a survey of villages surrounding the MPL plant at Maithon was carried out by the community relation (CR) team of Maithon Power Limited (MPL) and Tata Power Community Development Trust (TPCDT) to analyse the reasons behind the water crisis.

“While a majority of the surveyed villages had no other source of water other than the tubewells, some villages like Barbendia, Pandra and Kauthal, had ponds or wells. But, these did not provide enough water for residents,” said MPL public relations officer Abhishek Singh.

“Most of the tubewells weren’t working for minor technical faults,” said Singh, adding that residents of some villages like Adivasi Tola had to walk a kilometre to fetch water.

“The repairing agency hired for the project has been asked to maintain the hand pumps for a year,” Singh revealed.