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MGM interns in hostel fix

Would-be doctors are grappling with a serious dwelling disease at MGM Medical College and Hospital.

Forcible occupation of hostel rooms in Sakchi by their seniors — medicos studying postgraduate courses who are supposed to stay in private accommodations — are compelling the interns, including girls, to travel 5km or more at odd hours.

This is an infrastructure glitch that can potentially make harsher the MCI’s seat slash whip on the state-run heal hub and two others in Ranchi and Dhanbad.

On Monday, an aggrieved group of 16, including six female interns, met MGM hospital superintendent R.Y. Chowdhury, seeking immediate intervention. Chowdhury, who assumed office as recently as August 5, is learnt to have assured them that they would be provided with hostel accommodation shortly.

Speaking to The Telegraph later, the superintendent conceded that the MBBS students were facing lodging issues because those pursuing postgraduation courses were occupying hostel rooms.

“There is no hostel provision for PG students. They are supposed to find themselves private accommodations or stay in hostel rooms in Sakchi only if the latter are available. I will soon issue allotment letters to interns. If rooms are still not vacated, I will have PG students evicted with help from the administration,” Chowdhury said.

Hostels for MGM Medical College and Hospital interns are located opposite Shitla Mandir in Sakchi, whereas those for MGM Medical College students stand near the college in Dimna. The 16 interns are, currently, staying in Dimna, 5km from the hospital, where they have to do their internship.

Amit Kumar, who joined the internship on August 4, said his female batchmates were facing problems. “Duty calls us at odd hours. These girls have to travel the distance from Dimna to Sakchi, which is not always safe. Besides, many of us get late too.”

Amit pointed out that some interns prefer to ride bikes to reach the hospital on time from the students’ hostel in Dimna.

“A fortnight ago, one among us was injured when a vehicle knocked him off his two-wheeler. Safety issues can be avoided if we are provided with hostel rooms that we rightly deserve,” the intern added.