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The actor in him

When Dev first heard about his leading man status in Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury’s (Tony) film Buno Haansh, he thought his “South City neighbour-cum-dada” was kidding (they had talked about doing a film together before, but things had never clicked). That was last year. W...   | Read..

The ex-men

After taking a long break from action movies, Harrison Ford has decided to return to the genre with a bang in Sylveste...   | Read..

Vidya on Kher’s couch

It’s Vidya Balan and her inspiring life and career story on The Anupam Kher Show tonight (Colors at 8pm)....   | Read..

Voluptuous images of devastation

A series of tornadoes and laughably poor evacuation decisions batter a town in Steven Quale’s Into the Storm, wh...   | Read..

11 months on, Sanjiv Goenka takes stock of quest, just for t2

What’s your typical day in Quest like? ...   | Read..

The luxe quest

There’s nothing that a spot of shopping — or window shopping — accompanied by a good latte can’t fix....   | Read..

Rakhi Purnima Dasgupta on the goalondo trail

I used to lie next to my grandmother and she would narrate stories of their life in “undivided Bengal”, of how th...   | Read..

Red-hot feast from Bhutan

If you visit a village in Bhutan between September and November, you will perhaps find the rooftops of most houses covered wi...   | Read..

Cheers to cafe patron

Already a favourite abroad, Cafe Patron has hit some of the nightclubs in the city and the tipple lovers can’t seem to ...   | Read..


When I see my friend doing so well... happy... earning much more than I do, I doubt myself and question — did I choose ...   | Read..

The week’s youtube hits

He’s awesome “APPARENTLY” : He’s being called the “Apparently Kid” and he’s the newe...   | Read..
The Punascho team (l-r) Sayani, Angana Basu and Roopa Ganguly at the premiere of the Souvik Mitra-directed film, also starring Soumitra Ch ...  | Read