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To Kochi on auto for Peru

- Adventurer to travel 3500km on fund-raising trip

Shillong, Aug. 6: Miatmon Sooting, fondly called Miat, was on a high as she embarked on a multicoloured autorickshaw to travel from the “Scotland of the East” to “God’s Own Country” in a bid to raise funds to save the rainforest in Peru.

Miat, who has to complete the journey in 20 days, left the state capital this morning for Kochi in Kerala along with 59 teams from 23 countries as part of the Rickshaw Run, one of the adventures offered by The Adventurists, a global ensemble of adventure seekers. The number of travellers was around 130.

She is travelling along with her team member Kerewin Hartland, and her team bears the name “Tukkin Excited!”

“Miat and I believe in treating others in the same way we wish to be treated. We think that life should be lived fully and passionately and that with every action we take, we bring hope to those around us. Join us on our journey not just to explore our own strengths, but also to help to save a little bit of our natural environment. Were Tukkin Excited!” This was the message from Kerewin giving an insight into the journey.

Rickshaw Run, a charity-based adventure-tourism event that occurs in India thrice annually, approximately has 200 participants from around the world who drive three-wheeled autorickshaws in the length and breadth of the country to raise money for charity.

“The event is not a race, and there are no prizes for coming first. This year, I am doing this adventure and would be the first woman from India setting on this journey of 3,500km from Shillong to Kochi and we have been given 20 days to cover the distance,” Miat said, as she left Shillong.

She said the Rickshaw Run takes place in order to raise awareness for official charities and to raise funds for various other charities across the world.

“Being a part of this, I am raising funds to save the rainforest in Peru, South America,” she added.

The organisation is run by The League of Adventurists International Ltd, a UK-based company, which is “not just hell bent on fighting to make the world less boring, but also raising massive buckets of cash for charities”.