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Tuesday , August 5 , 2014

Kite flying in Hinglish

History has been wiped clean. In Manmohan Singh’s time, his web site had a window for previous prime ministers; all his predecessors from Nehru onwards made a brief appearance. It has now been removed. Anyone who visits the new prime minister’s web site will never know that he had any predecessors....   | Read..
Letters to the Editor
Long road
Sir — The editorial, “Case not closed” (Aug 1), was thought-provoking. Successive governments in In ...  | Read.. 
Basic knowledge
Sir — Aspirants for the Union Public Service Commission examination have been demanding that the ci ...  | Read.. 


The era of liberalization is undergoing a slow death in India. One of the apparent causes of this process is an unlikely one: the present government...   | Read..


Bad headlines and puerile graphics are headaches that media houses and communications managers learn to live with; they seldo...   | Read..
No News Is Good News
The newspapers are full of unsubstantiated tid bits, gossip and half-truths. There is nothing of consequence from across the ...  | Read.. 
What use is butter against guns?
There is war in Europe. No, I’m not using the historic present tense to evoke August 1914. I’m talking about August 2014...  | Read.. 
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