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Tuesday , August 5 , 2014
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‘Nobody saw her go in’

Subhanjita Basak, the woman who died after being found unconscious in the swimming pool at Lake Land Country Club on Sunday evening, had accompanied friend Priyanka Bhattacharya to a party promoted as the “biggest foam+ rain+ pool party ever”.

In the build-up to the Friendship Day event, text messages had been sent out by the event manager, Mellifluous Entertainment, to phone numbers of girls whose names figured in its database. The girls were informed that they needn’t pay the cover charge to join the party.

Mellifluous Entertainment had started promoting the event with the catchline Viva La Friendship from the first week of June to create a buzz in the party circuit.

The tickets, which had been sold a month in advance, promised a variety of activities, including a “DJ war, laser show and spectacular visuals”.

Metro spoke to Abhishek Singh, who is part of the event management company and whose name and phone number had been printed on the fliers and passes.

I saw Subhanjita for the first time when a few people were trying to revive her by the poolside around 7pm on Sunday.

I was at the cash counter when I heard a loud noise and saw a group of people in a huddle near the pool. The music had stopped by then.

When I managed to make my way through the gathering, I saw a young woman lying on the floor. Some people were trying to revive her.

The party was at its peak when the incident happened. People were dancing by the pool, while some were in the pool as well.

Nobody could tell me how Subhanjita fell into the pool, how long she was there and who brought her out.

Later, Priyanka, the woman’s friend who is known to us, told me her name was Subhanjita and that she had come to the party with her.

Priyanka was with me in the ambulance while Subhanjita was being taken to hospital. On the way to the hospital, Priyanka said she did not know how her friend fell into the pool.

Priyanka said she had gone to fetch food and drinks when the incident occurred.

The party at the Lake Land Country Club was our first big event. It was was attended by more than 450 people, all of whom had come to have a good time.

Our event management company, which is still at its nascent stage, had hired the place and organised the party on the occasion of Friendship Day. We made entry of girls to the party complimentary to attract party-hoppers.

Counters selling alcohol and various types of Indian and Chinese food had been put up for the event.