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Saturday , August 2 , 2014
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Bolly girls’ best

Congratulations on your business touching Rs 108 crore! Was Rs 100 crore ever a target?...   | Read..

The Lucy show

Thank goodness (or the goddess) for male directors who dig strong female characters. Whatever their reasons, these directors ...   | Read..

I am interested in showing the strength of women and the weakness of men, Says Luc Lucy Besson

As one of France’s most successful filmmakers, Luc Besson figured the woman next to him at a Bordeaux dinner party was ...   | Read..

22 jump street

More is more and is, at times, just right in 22 Jump Street, an exploding pinata of gags, pratfalls, winking asides, t...   | Read..


No knowledge of antiquity is required to appreciate Hercules, which assumes a low base line from the start. “His...   | Read..

Friends in tune

Are you still in hangover mode from the boys’ days out in Brazil? ...   | Read..

Hrithik Roshan on looking good and smelling even better

Hrithik Roshan is the face of Emami’s He range of deodorants. An email chat with the Bang Bang hunk....   | Read..

Dark humour & darker reality from the war front. Plus, a tepid debut

Combat Camera — From Auntie Beeb to the Afghan Frontline [Bloomsbury, Rs 399] by Christian Hill encapsulates a s...   | Read..

Victory snapshots from Calcutta cup 2014 finals at CC&FC

“We won after so many years!” Deepankar Nandi, the club CEO, said he was happy that the game which has an old hi...   | Read..
Bolly girls’ best