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Laser play on Golghar walls

If dark streets were a dampener, here’s something that would light up the spirits of residents.

Visitors to Golghar would soon be able to watch laser shows inside the iconic heritage granary. The archaeological directorate under the art, culture and youth affairs department, is roping in firms for a unique project, wherein, people would sit on reclining chairs inside Golghar to watch a graphical show drawn on its walls by laser light projection.

According to the initial plan, six shows of 20 minutes each would be held daily. Atul Kumar Verma, the director at the archaeological directorate, said the ticket rates for the shows would be around Rs 20-25 per person. A trial show has already been held inside Golghar in July.

“The shows would be based on the history of Bihar and the life of Lord Buddha. We have initiated the bidding process for the laser shows and the last date for receiving the bids from interested firms is August 21. Accordingly, we expect the shows to commence within two months. Twenty-five people would be able to sit for each show,” said Verma.

The shows would be soundproof to prevent any damage to the walls of the granary because of high-decibel sounds. The audience would also be given headphones during the shows. As of now, visitors are not allowed inside the Golghar.

Water-projection-based laser shows are being conducted on the premises of Golghar by Bihar State Tourism Development Corporation throughout the week except Monday.

The restoration work on the outer walls of Golghar has been delayed by over six months owing to unavailability of equipment. Iron scaffoldings were put around the northern side of the outer wall of Golghar in September 2013.