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Friday , August 1 , 2014
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It is nothing short of a murderous scandal, the free-wheeling destruction of Gaza by the Israeli government with the United States of America and other allies standing by and endorsing the action with their ominous silence. In this technologically advanced age where information has begun to trickle out from the closed doors of governments, thereby destroying the secrecy around decisionmaking, citizens are bound to demand protection, dignity and integrity from their leaders. The age of ruling cabals is nearly over. Presidents and prime ministers will not be able to run amok using their mandates to destroy human values and aspirations. The era of misusing mandates by disregarding national and international interventions with unacceptable arrogance is coming to an end.

Citizens have always fought for their rights, often at a huge personal price. The US has learned no lessons from its ridiculous intrusions into Vietnam where it used poisonous gases to eliminate citizens subscribing to a different ideology once it became clear that the Americans were going to lose the battle. These forced interventions into sovereign nation states by a country that prides itself as a pillar of democracy, as a proponent of the liberty of thought and action, have taken place in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, among other countries. The US has trampled on societies, stomped on tried-and-tested cultures that it does not comprehend, and devastated nations on account of its political arrogance.

Divide and rule

The world has been mutilated by such cruel and rampant invasions after the Second World War. Frankly, ‘world wars’ are taking place across the globe, with a new and powerful invader assaulting countries, peoples and cultures at will, using its military might as a tool of mass destruction. It is inconceivable why other powerful nations do not come together and ordain ‘humanity and intellectual compassion’ as tools to foster change and growth. Drones do not carry messages of peace. Therefore, to hear spokespeople of the US government defending the indefensible is unacceptable to those who believe in and live by human ethics and values. If the Americans stayed home, looked after their own people, and made their nation truly democratic, they are entitled to lead the world.

The intellectual backwardness of the world’s most powerful country is truly frightening. The lack of compassion and the inability to respect the philosophies, beliefs and faiths of others which it cannot understand — beliefs that were in place even before the idea of America was envisaged and long before the US came into being — is unacceptable to world communities and they will fight this onslaught till the end. The polarization of world politics is a direct result of the US’s foreign policy since World War II. The spread of distrust among communities and countries has been encouraged and endorsed by this one surviving super power, which went about using the old ‘divide and rule’ policy to destroy other nations.

The fire burning in the Muslim world has been triggered by fundamentally flawed policies pursued by the US. This has ignited uncontrollable anger and a deep need for retribution. Suicide bombers have emerged as a direct result of this phenomenon. The world does not deserve this terrible onslaught brought on by the sheer arrogance of a strong power that has undermined the sensibilities of other, far more sophisticated, cultures.

It is time that the US takes on the role of a magnanimous ruler and brings to an end such philosophies as ‘might is right’ and ‘divide and rule’. These strategies belong to the past and are no longer useful in this Information Age.