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Mayor plea to keep city clean

Guwahati, July 31:Guwahati Municipal Corporation mayor Abir Patra today appealed to all NGOs engaged in waste collection and management to do their job in a diligent manner to make it a clean city.

Patra addressed them during an orientation programme organised by the corporation for NGOs in the city today. Several officials and staff of the corporation were present.

The corporation has engaged NGOs in 31 municipal wards for collection of garbage from this month after it terminated its contract with Ramky Enviro Engineers Limited, a Hyderabad-based private company.

“For us the task of transforming Guwahati is a challenge and I hope that all NGOs which have been engaged by the corporation for management and disposal of garbage will help us keep the city clean. We will provide whatever support is necessary to aid you all in doing your duties well. We had received several complaints from the public about collection of garbage being not done regularly and because of this the contract with Ramky was terminated. I hope this does not happen in your case,” said Patra.

The corporation also urged the NGOs to involve the public in keeping the city clean.

“Roadside garbage bins are cleared at specific times during the day. If the people dump garbage into them all day long, they tend to overflow making the area look untidy. But if our workers regularly collect garbage from every household, it can be segregated and managed well. The NGOs should motivate people to segregate the garbage,” GMC commissioner S. Vishwanathan said.

The corporation officials also stressed the need to involve the 300-350 rag-pickers in the city in the garbage collection process as they can segregate the various waste particles.

“People will have to be encouraged to collect plastic packets and disposable plastic materials and sell them to the NGOs at the end of the month. These plastics can be recycled and it will also help keep the drains clean. Plastics are non-biodegradable in nature and easily clog the drains and cause environmental pollution. This will help solve the problem of flash floods greatly,” said Vishwanathan.

The corporation also emphasised the need to educate people living on the hills to hand over the garbage to the NGOs instead of burning them or burying them.