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Thursday , July 31 , 2014

20 killed as Israel shells hit school in Gaza

The strikes came in rapid succession. At around 5am (local time) today at a UN school at the Jabaliya refugee camp, where 3,300 Palestinians had taken refuge from the fierce fighting in their Gaza neighbourhoods, what appeared to be four Israeli artillery shells hit the compound....   | Read..

Russian alarm grows over Putin’s tactics

Russia, facing the toughest round of western sanctions imposed since the Ukraine crisis erupted, has adopted a nonchalant public stance, with President Vladimir V. Putin ...   | Read..

Rivals in Tripoli ceasefire

Rival militias fighting for control of Tripoli airport agreed today to a temporary ceasefire to allow firefighters to try to control a huge blaze at a fuel depot hit by a roc...   | Read..

Big Tiger uncages paper tigers

“Big Tiger” is gone. “Master Kang” has disappeared....   | Read..

Bloom ‘threw punch’ at Bieber

Orlando Bloom, the British actor, reportedly threw a punch at pop star Justin Bieber at a restaurant in Ibiza....   | Read..
An injured Palestinian girl at a hospital in Gaza after the shelling. (Reuters)
20 killed as Israel shells hit school in Gaza
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