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Friday , July 25 , 2014
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And the award goes to...

- Thank you for my no-award

Thank you, Didi, for not honouring me.

Because I have never liked attending award functions ever in my life. All my life I have felt that I donít deserve any award. Thank god my name isnít there on the list of people who are being awarded this evening.

I am happy that I am not being awarded because I donít have to answer to myself whether I deserve this award.

Besides, thereís so much political colour to the discussion of who got and who didnít get the Mahanayak Samman 2014 award that I donít want a political colour to my answer.

I feel the people who decide to give away a certain award should judge with honesty. But every award is now given away on the basis of an individualís partial judgement. Do they have a board of people who decide on these awards? If they donít then I feel that the person receiving the award is actually disrespecting his profession and himself. Thatís why I donít want to be a part of such awards.

People who are getting the awards are getting it because of no fault of theirs and those who are not getting it are also not at fault.

My question is those who get the awards, do they feel honoured? Donít they feel disgusted? For getting any kind of award a person should have a body of work. If the award is going to people who do not have that kind of work behind them then whatís the point of this award?

Of course, if people feel that they should get an award with or without a body of work then this award function is a success.

I feel if this money was spent on Namkhana to build a few lamp posts on the roads or tubewells in Birbhum and Bankura, it would have been worth it. Why is so much money spent on these awards? I feel this is just a waste of time and money.

I would like to add that for every state function I always get an invitation card to attend it and I feel honoured for that. Itís not a grapes are sour-like situation for me. I am not angry or sad because I am not getting an award. All I want to emphasise is that I donít know what all of them who are getting the awards have contributed to the industry. I am not that aware.

All I am aware is that I donít want my name on such an award list.

Roopa Ganguly is a national award-winning actress