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Thursday , July 24 , 2014

The reticent chronicler

Granville “Red” Austin, 87, passed away at his home on Capitol Hill in Washington DC on July 6. His name is known in India because of two definitive books that he wrote, one about the making of the Indian Constitution (Indian Constitution: Cornerstone of a Nation, 1966), and the other about the trajectory of that Constitution over nearly 40 years of its existence (Working a Democratic Constitution, 1999). In 2011, he was ...   | Read..
Letters to the Editor
Sorry state
Sir — The reputed economist, Pranab Bardhan, stated in a lecture at the Indian Institute of Managem ...  | Read.. 
Close look
Sir — In his article, “Helping hands” (July 21), S.L. Rao has suggested that foreign institutions w ...  | Read.. 
Golden tool
Sir — Rainwater harvesting, an ancient method of collecting and storing rain water for domestic and ...  | Read.. 


The brutal murder of a young man from Manipur in Delhi reveals a truly ugly side of the social life of Delhi and of the nation. It has been the boast of the Indian republic...   | Read..


India does not lack in laws. And Indian laws are often strikingly forward-looking and broad-minded — the divorce law or the l...   | Read..
Dying wish
The acquittal of the former doctor, Nicolas Bonnemaison, by a court in the French town of Pau recently garnered great media a...  | Read.. 
To the glory of king and country
The Glorious Dead may as well have been forgotten. Nobody can miss the Cenotaph opposite the All India Radio building and adjacent to the Netaji statue. Across the road, in an...  | Read.. 
Between the lies
If ‘lol’, ‘poke’ and ‘like’ have been fathered by the internet, then ‘pipsqueak’, ‘lousy’ and ‘zigzag’ owe their existence to the First World War. Social media’s digital chatt...  | Read.. 
Tales and dreams are the shadow-truths that will endure when mere facts are dust and ashes, and forgot. — NEIL GAIMAN