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Tuesday , July 22 , 2014
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Thrashing in school for visually impaired

Hyderabad, July 21: Three children of an Andhra Pradesh school for the visually challenged were dragged by their hair, caned, kicked and abused as “vagrants” by their principal and another teacher who are themselves similarly disabled.

Principal Srinivasulu and K.V. Rao were held today after images of the merciless beatings at Greenfields School in Kakinada aired on news channels prompted angry parents to ransack the private institution. Srinivasulu can see partially and Rao not at all. The thrashings occurred last Thursday and were probably filmed by an insider.

In one image, Rao is seen wielding the cane wildly on the three kids — students of Class IV and around 10 years old — unsure where the stick is landing and the children begging for mercy. In another, Rao is shown trying to choke a kid by folding a leg at the knees and pressing it against the fallen child.

“It is a heinous crime and the government has decided to take over the private school,” Kakinada district magistrate Neetu Kumar Prasad said.

Rao and Srinivasulu were taken into custody after a preliminary inquiry by the district educational officer. The duo said they had beaten the kids for “indiscipline” and being “unruly”.