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Tuesday , July 22 , 2014
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Nitish on Linkedin to connect with Bihar expats

Patna, July 21: Social to business — former chief minister Nitish Kumar has ushered in a change in his networking platform by joining a business-oriented website, in an apparent bid to connect with professionals from Bihar settled abroad.

Once Nitish was very active on Facebook but thereafter, kept low for a while after JDU’s humiliation in the Lok Sabha polls. He had wished to be on Twitter but then apparently dropped the idea.

Recently, he started talking about ‘Brand Bihar’ on his Facebook page, he has now gone ahead and joined LinkedIn, a business oriented social networking website, which claims to have more than 239 million users since its launch in May 2003.

In a post on Facebook, Nitish has invited all friends in the students’ and professional communities to join him on LinkedIn at

“He has been on Facebook for long and has been very regular. One can read his comments and ideas off and on. His joining LinkedIn is to further develop Brand Bihar. LinkedIn is a different kind of a social networking site and it is a very good medium to connect with true professionals and the students’ fraternity,” a source close to Nitish said.

The summary of Nitish’s LinkedIn profile says that Nitish wants to work towards “building a developed Bihar and a vibrant India”.

It talks about “building a state that will steer the nation towards inclusive growth and sustained development. Building a nation that will provide leadership to the world and working to enable the new generation to build Brand Bihar”.

The last line of his summary is important as it talks about “looking to enable individuals and teams who are working to develop Bihar and build a vibrant India”.

LinkedIn is a business-oriented communications website, which mainly consists of serious professionals. It is not like Facebook and mainly caters to the need of professionals who connect and talk business and professions. It allows users to know about companies in which they may be interested to work in. There are many people, all in senior positions in different companies, who are listed in the website. It is more of a professional social networking website rather than something light as Facebook.

Sources said Nitish wanted to connect to the professionals of different fields, especially those hailing from the state. “He had joined Facebook in September last year and was very popular. It has been a few hours that he joined LinkedIn and he already has 132 connections, increasing all the time. The idea is to connect to professionals, mainly from Bihar and settled in different parts of the world. They, being from the state, would always want Bihar’s development and hence, a team of such people can be formed online for exchange of ideas and discussions centred on the state’s development. Many of them must be in top positions in their fields and settled abroad and their ideas can be used,” said the source.

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