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Saturday , July 19 , 2014
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College ransack after cheating
- Exams cancelled after students caught copying turn vandals

Malda, July 18: A group of students ransacked eight classrooms of Malda College after invilgilators seized answer scripts from 18 students found copying during the Part I and Part II history examinations today.

As a result of the ransacking, the Part I and II exams on sociology and physics that were scheduled to be held today at 2pm were cancelled.

Around 1,800 examinees were to sit for the tests today.

The controller of examinations of Gour Banga University, Sanatan Das, said the two exams that were cancelled today would be held at a later date.

“The Part I and II exams in sociology and physics will be held for the students of Gour College and Kalaichak College at a later date,” Das said.

According to Asim Sarkar, the principal of Malda College, 604 students from Kaliachak College and Gour College appeared for the exams today at 11am.

“We were strict about copying during the examination from the start. By noon, the invigilators had seized 18 answer scripts as the examinees were found copying from notes sent out of the examination centre. Just after 1pm, when the exams got over, a group of about 20 to 30 students started ransacking the first floor classrooms,” Sarkar said.

“The students smashed the tables and benches, computers, window panes, computers and even a television set in the corridor. The students also beat up two of our non-teaching employees, Susmit Tanti and Jiten Roy, when they tried to resist. They carried out the violence for half-an-hour. We estimate that there was a loss of property worth about Rs 4 lakh. We have informed the police superintendent about the incident,” Sarkar said.

He said there were no policemen at the college during the examinations.

“We informed the Englishbazar police station as soon as the violence started. But by the time the police arrived, the rampaging students had left,” Sarkar said.

“The exams will be held as scheduled tomorrow. The exams had begun from July 16 and will end on July 28,” the principal said.

The chairman of the managing committee of Malda College, minister for food processing, Krishnendu Chowdhury, condemned the violence and called for better teacher-student relations.

“Ever since away centres were introduced by the Gour Banga University from this year, I have been receiving complaints from both students and teachers. We are determined to stop the recurrence of what happened today. Those guilty of the ransacking will be punished. I have asked the college authorities to file a detailed complaint to the police,” Krishnendu said.

Malda police superintendent Prasun Banerjee said as soon as the violence started, the police acted.

“We sent a large police force to the college under the leadership of a deputy police superintendent as soon as we heard about the trouble. They brought the situation under control. We have received a complaint from the college and investigations are on,” Banerjee said.