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Saturday , July 19 , 2014
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Forecast: torrent after trickle

A low-pressure area brewing over the Bay of Bengal could bring heavy rainfall this weekend and make up for the week’s downpour deficiency.

The monsoon has been relatively subdued in July, normally the rainiest month of the year. After a 90mm dunking on July 1, the next best was the 42mm recorded by the Alipore-based Met observatory on July 3, more than a fortnight ago. The past week’s record has been a disappointing trickle between 0.5mm and 18.6mm, though Calcutta got drenched almost every afternoon.

But the possibility of straightening the skewed record looks bright on Sunday with the Met office predicting heavy rainfall, which in meteorological terms means 64.5mm of rain in a single day.

“A low-pressure area is noticed over the sea near coastal Bengal. Meteorological calculations suggest that the system will move into Gangetic Bengal and bring heavy rainfall on Saturday and Sunday,” said Gokul Chandra Debnath, director of the India Meteorological Department in Calcutta.

A Met official tried to explain the have-cloud-no-rain weather baffling Calcuttans over the past 10 days. “A strong weather system needs to be in place for heavy rainfall. A low pressure keeling towards Odisha had brought light clouds to Calcutta but not enough rain. Another trough of low pressure extending from Rajasthan to the Bay is drawing monsoon winds from the sea. This is why the sky is cloudy.”

“Expect good rainfall now that a low pressure is forming over the Bay. It will work in tandem with the existing trough,” he added.