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Wednesday , July 16 , 2014

Kick-Ass Jackie

Five years ago, Sri Lankan stunner Jacqueline Fernandez made a ho-hum entry into Bollywood with Sujoy Ghosh’s box-office disaster Aladin. A flood of flops followed, but Jacqueline’s looks and sense of style ensured that she remained firmly in the spotlight. On July 25, the ...   | Read..

Govinda on his bolly comeback, old friends and new stars

Down the decades, we have loved his dance moves and gone LOL at his comic timing. Govinda, the man with the million-watt smil...   | Read..


Boom!...   | Read..

t2 catches its fave mystery-thriller writers in a killer face-off!

Ever wondered what it would be like if Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes had met Agatha Christie’s Hercule Poi...   | Read..

Death on the sets of a reality show and a ‘smart’ little sleuth

You’ll like Swati Kaushal’s Lethal Spice if you like murder mysteries. Or cooking. Or reality TV. Or jungl...   | Read..

Making a marinade to storing spices — star chefs share their kitchen secrets

Kitchen confidentials: star chefs share insider tricks to max time, health and flavour while cooking...   | Read..

10 things that defined Wimbledon this year

1. the ‘fabulous fourth’ set ...   | Read..

‘Thank god it’s Friday!’ shouted out partyholics as they hopped about town

All the way from Hungary, DJ Shane 54 of the famous duo Myon & Shane 54, took over the console at midnight and what follo...   | Read..

Get tempted, with t2

Temptations, in association with t2...   | Read..

Comic relief

Kunal Rao...   | Read..
A VIOLENT LOVE STORY: Years ago when Raj Chakraborty was just another director on the block, he made a blockbuster Chirodini.....  | Read