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Saturday , July 12 , 2014
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Head banged at CBSE school

- Teen’s dad files FIR, principal denies charge

A Ranchi-based father, Md Yakub Tagala of Hindpiri, has lodged an FIR on Friday against three teachers of CBSE-affiliated Guru Nanak Higher Secondary School for allegedly hitting his 14-year-old son Md Irfan Tagala, a Class VIII student.

Yakub, a scrap trader, made the complaints against Irfan’s Hindi and sports teachers Hriday Bhushan and Subhash, as well as the school’s vice-principal Kulwant Kaur. According to Irfan and his family, Bhushan and Kaur banged his head on a wall and slapped him on Friday, while Subhash twisted his ears on Thursday.

The FIR has been lodged under sections 323, 340 342, 506 of the IPC, said Hindpiri officer-in-charge Md Farooq.

According to the eighth grader, on Friday morning his Hindi teacher Bhushan took him outside the classroom in the morning and dashed his head against the wall.

When he felt nauseous, he went to the school’s sickroom to lie down. There, vice principal Kaur slapped him for not taking an authority’s permission before resting.

After his ordeal, Irfan said he went to Sadar Hospital for first aid.

“Minor injury was reported on the right side of his head. He has been given medicine and is okay,” said Dr A.B. Agrawal, who treated the boy.

On being contacted, school principal Manohar Lal completely denied any such incident of corporal punishment.

“Till 2.30pm I was present in the school. No such incident has happened,” he told The Telegraph.

But, Irfan’s father apart, scores of the Tagala family’s neighbours in Hindpiri were enraged enough to throng the thana and demand punishment for the accused trio.

Irfan’s mother Zaib-un-Nissa alleged the school’s problems with her son started last month.

“In the final exam of Class VII, Irfan could not pass in maths. While the school promoted all students who failed in one or two subjects, the case of my son was kept pending. Only after the school secretary intervened was my son promoted to Class VIII. The principal did not like it and instigated teachers to harass Irfan,” said the mother.

School authorities refused to give Irfan his report card, she claimed.

“They wanted Irfan’s father to collect it, but he was in Chennai, getting a relative of ours treated for an eye ailment. Irfan’s brother, grandmother and uncle went to school for the report card, but authorities not only withheld it, they started to harass my son. For the past one week Irfan has been telling us that his teachers are beating him,” she said.

Do you know any instance of corporal punishment?