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Tuesday , July 8 , 2014
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Stick for 5 cell towers

A toast to safety, perhaps....   | Read..

Foul reasons ground fair ride in unfazed capital

All good things have a shelf life. That of the ladies’ special city bus in Ranchi was roughly seven months....   | Read..

Sickening side of a rainy season

If bounty is often bane, monsoon is mostly maladies....   | Read..

Ailing Incab courts hope in Delhi

Fingers crossed. Jamshedpur is eagerly anticipating Tuesday’s hearing in Delhi High Court on the ailing Incab Industries Limi...   | Read..

Urban plan to script sanitation success

Dhanbad will soon have a new city development plan that will focus on the sanitation of the coal capital....   | Read..
Little fans of MS Dhoni celebrate the Team India skipper’s 33rd birthday at Albert Ekka Chowk in Ranchi on Monday. Picture by Prashant Mitra
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Hello It's Tuesday , July 8 , 2014
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Not too keen on borrowed athletes
The state sports department is planning to issue an order against fielding borrowed players at the 3...  | Read.. 
Armed protest for steel plant jobs
Bokaro was on the brink of a major flare-up on Monday when more than 500 displaced villagers, armed ...  | Read.. 

Madam mayor, clean your mohalla

Home is where the heart is. Ranchi mayor Asha Lakra, on Day Two of her four...   | Read..

District archery units seethe at no-poll

Simmering discontent among affiliated districts against the state archery o...   | Read..

Fitting reply to rare disease

A six-year-old boy, afflicted with a rare disease that is said to strike on...   | Read..

Facelift pill for Tatanagar rail hospital

Tatanagar railway hospital, which has been on the sickbed for years now in ...   | Read..

Art blooms in the autumn of life

Life begins at 60. ...   | Read..

Food lab on revival path

The oldest food laboratory of the state, which has remained dormant for a y...   | Read..

One stop for every gripe

Caught in a row over a 200sqft plot of land with his in-laws for 12 ye...   | Read..

New political party

The Bharatiya Suraaj Manch, a civil society initiative, today announce...   | Read..

MLA salary hike proposed

Assembly Speaker Shashank Shekhar Bhokta today proposed a hike in the ...   | Read..

Sonia snub for Cong faction

A week-long camp of disgruntled state Congress leaders has come to an ...   | Read..

JVM war on price rise, crime

Around 200 JVM workers in Ranchi courted arrest today as the party sta...   | Read..

HC order blow to info free flow

Jharkhand High Court today clamped a stay on the operation of a direct...   | Read..