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Friday , July 4 , 2014

Pak approves terror bill

Pakistan’s parliament approved sweeping new powers for the country’s security forces, with an anti-terrorism measure that the government says is needed to combat the Taliban, but that rights activists warned could result in state-sponsored human rights violations....   | Read..

Cup jokes fly from bite to dive

What’s the difference between a tea-bag and the England football team? The tea-bag stays in a cup longer!...   | Read..

Indian brothers who ran UK sex ring jailed

Two Indian-origin brothers who ran a London-based sex trafficking ring have been sentenced to a total of 40 years and 6 months in jail by a British court. ...   | Read..

Charges shock Sarko

Hours after being put under formal investigation in a corruption and influence-peddling case, Nicolas Sarkozy, the former President of France, lashed out at the prosecuti...   | Read..
Pakistani soldiers use metal detectors to clear an area during a military operation against Taliban militants in Miranshah, North Waziristan. (AFP)
Pak approves terror bill
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