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Thursday , July 3 , 2014
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Money machines act up

Think twice before you swipe your debit card at the State Bank of India’s (SBI) ATM near Daily Market on Main Road in Ranchi.

For, the two machines at the ATM kiosk have been harrowing customers for the last six months. The glitch? The screen suddenly turns blind moments after the card is inserted and swiped.

If a customer is lucky, the screen may dimly appear a little later. “But you need very sharp eyesight to locate options on the menu and complete your transaction. It is like groping in the dark,” said Babita Singh who left the kiosk after three unsuccessful attempts.

Like her, many others shared similar stories. Besides, customers also often fail to complete their transaction, as the machines report wrong insertion of card.

A private security guard posted at the ATM kiosk confirmed that this technical problem has been there for quite sometime now. “This problem is persisting for a long time in both the machines. In case of SBI ATM cardholders, I still manage to offer some help as I know where what option will pop up. But, for other banks, it is not possible for me to offer any help,” said the guard.

Since the Daily Market is one of the prime locations, this ATM kiosk always witnesses a long queue of customers.

According to an SBI official, this kiosk is reports huge transactions on a daily basis.

Though no one from the bank’s top brass is willing to come on record, a senior official admitted that there was a problem with the screen.

“We will send a team of engineers to inspect the machines. The monitors may not be functioning properly. We need to check as to who is the vendor who is looking after its maintenance,” the official added.

According to bank sources, there are 150 SBI ATMs across Ranchi and report a daily transaction of around Rs 10 to 15 crore.