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Wednesday , July 2 , 2014
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First day fear blends with fun in college

Freedom was in the air.

The atmosphere at Patna Women’s College on the first day of the new academic session on Tuesday seemed all charged up — freshers bubbling with excitement though a bit pensive about venturing into the uncertainty of new-found freedom of college life. The enthusiasm was evident all around the campus.

The batch of freshers had their first brush with new life as they were led to the general assembly conducted by Sister Doris D’Souza. She briefed the fresh-out-of-school girls on the rules and regulations of the institute before wishing them good luck for the new beginning and future.

The newbies got acquainted with the other students and shared their school experiences.

“I have been eagerly waiting for this day. Everything seems so new and the weather is also fantastic as if to complement the mood on the campus. When I woke up this morning, I felt a bit nervous but now I feel fabulous,” said Priya Gupta, a fresher at Patna Women’s College.

Sneha Gupta, another fresher, said: “The first day at the college is the most important day to know all its rules and regulations and to make new friends in this new phase of life. It is good and systematic here. The faculty and the heads of departments issued instructions and one by one, we introduced ourselves. I even broke the ice with other girls and made some new friends.”

“This morning was a bit different than the usual, as I had to attend my new college. I entered the class as if I was entering a whole new world, where I felt knew nobody. No one from my close group of friends has taken admission here. So I was feeling a bit sad but during the break, I met some of my classmates from school,” said Sweta Kumari, a student of Patna Women’s College.

The high cut-off percentage also figured in the discussions of freshers at PWC.

Richa Ranjana, a fresher at Patna Women’s College, said: “I scored 92 per cent in the Intermediate examinations and knew that my chances were quite bleak to get admission in Delhi University. The cut-off list really shocked me.”

Garima Singh, another student of Patna Women’s College, said: “I do not regret because for a couple of years, I have seen that the Delhi University cut-off list goes higher. I am happy that I got admission here as many of my friends. We finally met after a long break and get started a new college life.”