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Wednesday , July 2 , 2014
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‘Lawful’ tip to hack at home

July 1: A Trinamul zilla parishad chief in Bankura today told party workers to hack and sacrifice outsiders entering their homes, the comments in a flare-up zone coming with the assurance that the elected functionary would “manage the situation”.

Toder barite keu dhukle kete dibi, ami bujhhe nebo. Bairer lok toder barite ele bolidan diye dibi, ami bujhhe nebo (If anyone enters your home, hack him. I will manage the situation. If any outsider comes to your home, sacrifice him. I will manage the situation),” said Arup Chakraborty, the chief of the Trinamul-run Bankura zilla parishad.

Chakraborty, who made the comments in Monadi village where Trinamul and BJP workers had clashed on June 28, asserted he had not said anything unlawful. Chakraborty, a lawyer by profession, added that he had recommended such action as “everybody had the right to self-defence”.

Asked if police would start a suo motu case, inspector in charge of Bankura police station Biswajit Saha, in whose presence Chakraborty made the statements, refused comment.

Repeated calls to Bankura police superintendent Mukesh went unanswered.

As Chakraborty stepped out of his white SUV today, Trinamul cadres surrounded him and started telling him about the “attack” on them by BJP workers on June 28.

Chakraborty then shouted out the “hack” and “sacrifice” instruction. As he continued his speech, around 100 people gathered and applauded.

Chakraborty, who used to practise in the Bankura district judge’s court, instructed women party workers to hack outsiders who tried to enter their homes.

Mohilader bolchi, bairer keu ele bonti diye kete dibi. Keu jodi toder bari ghor bhenge day, dorkhasta korbi. Amra bari ghor toiri kore debo (I am telling the women, if outsiders come, hack them with a blade. If someone demolishes your house, apply to us. We will build you a house),” the Trinamul leader said.

Chakraborty later defended what he said: “I did not tell them anything unlawful. I told them that if outsiders or BJP or CPM harmads entered their home at night, they must hack them as they have the right to self-defence. There is nothing wrong in it.”

He added: “Jodi keu meyeder haat dhore tanatani kore, tokhon ki ami chup kore boshe dekhbo? Tokhon adhikar achhe take kotol kore felar (If I see anyone harassing a woman, should I sit silently and watch? One has the right to kill in such a situation).”

He accused Subhash Sarkar, who had contested the Bankura Lok Sabha seat on a BJP ticket, of instigating BJP workers.

“In Bankura, there is a BJP leader called Subhash doctor (Sarkar is a gynaecologist). He has a lot of black money. He has taken shelter in the BJP to save his black money. He is distributing money among his party workers and instigating them to attack our supporters. We will find out the source of his money,” Chakraborty said.

Sarkar denied the allegation. “We do not need black money. It has become Trinamul’s culture to utter such vulgar and inflammatory words at gatherings. We have heard what Tapas Paul has said. We have heard what Arup Chakraborty told his party workers. It is shameful. I have urged the police to start a suo motu case against Chakraborty,” he said.

A lawyer in Durgapur, Susanta Dutta Roy, said the police could start a suo motu case of criminal intimidation against Chakraborty.