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Monday , June 30 , 2014
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lTT: The capital is in a mess. Are you satisfied with the way things are?

Lakra: Definitely not. Officials must have tried their best, but could not provide satisfactory results. We will have to analyse the problem and start work

After the exit of A2Z Waste Management, RMC took up the work of keeping the city clean. But, there is garbage all around.

Let me meet ward councillors and hold at least one board meeting. I will answer after that

Half the wards donít have proper water, sanitation or sewage disposal arrangements.

I am thinking about community toilets and better water arrangements

The model Nagarpalika Bill talks of mohalla sabhas in wards. Is it feasible here?

In Mumbai, these sabhas work well. If the urban development department agrees, we can try implementation on pilot basis

Will you intervene in the RMC-tourism directorate row over city buses?

I think I should. The issue concerns people. Before that I need to study the entire matter

There are over 100 notified slums in the city. Your plans for their development?

We will have to review Centre-sponsored schemes and implement them on time. Schemes like Basic Services for Urban Poor will help

What about urban poverty?

Self-employment and employment generation opportunities can be provided through Central and state schemes

Implementation of JNNURM projects hasnít been up to the mark

I need to do basic homework about our municipal areas. Then, I will be able to direct officials accordingly

The underprivileged arenít getting optimum benefits from housing schemes. What do you propose to do?

I agree. Providing houses to the underprivileged is my priority

How will you maintain cordial relations between elected representatives and RMC officials?

All of us will have to keep our egos back at home and work like a team. Co-ordination is the ultimate requirement for the cityís development. So, my first priority will be to make everybody sit together.

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