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Friday , June 27 , 2014
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Conscience clear: Srini

Calcutta: Narayanswamy Srinivasan has sprung to his own defence, once again, after fulfilling his goal of becoming the ICC chairman. Like on many occasions, he has insisted that his conscience is clear.

Srinivasan, 69, was Thursday formally appointed the chairman of the ICC after its 52-member council approved a controversial revamp of the body’s administrative structure.

The full council approved the amendments to the ICC’s Memorandum and Articles of Association at the Annual Conference.

Immediately after his appointment to the new post, Srinivasan was asked by the media if he was the right choice to run world cricket since India’s apex court had sidelined him due to investigation into IPL spot-fixing scandal.

According to a transcript of the media conference in cricinfo, Srinivasan claimed that he “voluntarily” stepped aside from the BCCI president’s post.

He also elaborated on his vision for world cricket,saying that the the emphasis would be on facilitating Associate and Affiliate members’ graduation to Test level.

Here are the relevant portions from the transcript:

It is well known that you’ve been barred as the BCCI president by the Supreme Court of India for the duration of the IPL investigation. Can you explain you’re an appropriate, fit and proper person to run world cricket, given your involvement in that investigation?

Actually the court did not ask me, I stepped aside voluntarily. The Mudgal Committee made a report which did not involve me, but they had given a sealed envelope in which they said there were some unsubstantiated, unverified allegations made by some people, which the court is looking into.

I said I’ll voluntarily step aside during that period. Now as far as I’m concerned I have done nothing wrong, there is no wrongdoing on my part, and therefore my conscience is very clear, that there is no taint on me.

Whatever investigations there are will take their course, it will come out, reports will come out. But unless I have in my mind any doubt I have done anything... I have to think if I have not done [wrong], I do not have any concern.

When you say “there is no taint on me”, does that include your son-in-law?

There are some charges against him, he has to defend himself in court. It’s a question of whether it is going to be proved or not, but that’s up to him. This is a question about me.

But it reflects on you, it [Chennai Super Kings] is your team...

You have to wait until everything is clear. At the end of the day if nothing is proved, I think all this comment would have been unfair.

Your appointment has been heavily criticised in many parts of the cricket world, what do you say to those who don’t think you’re the best man for this job?

I believe that some of the criticism is not fair to me and is not well-founded. Beyond that all I can say is that over a long period of time I have been involved with cricket and its administration, and one must judge me by results.

It is the first day, I’ve just been elected, and one has to wait and see as to what is the effect I have on the ICC and on cricket, before you make that judgement.