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Friday , June 27 , 2014
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Wig ploy to cheat in BA exam
- Answers through bluetooth headset

Suri, June 26: A BA first-year student of Abhedananda College in Birbhum’s Sainthia was caught today when he was cheating in his BA Part-I exams with the help of a bluetooth headset that he had concealed in a wig.

An invigilator at Suri Vidyasagar College became suspicious when he saw the student mumbling continuously while writing his philosophy paper this afternoon.

The invigilator approached him and asked why he was mumbling. The student denied doing so. “When the invigilator threatened to call police, the student took off his wig and revealed that he was wearing a bluetooth headset.

A bluetooth headset allows a person to speak on a cellphone without holding the phone to the ear. Some models of bluetooth headsets are barely a couple of inches long and less than an inch wide and when fitted to a person’s ear, can be difficult to spot from a distance.

Bluetooth is a technology for exchanging data between electronic devices wirelessly.

Typically, for such an exchange to happen, two bluetooth-enabled devices need to be within 10 metres of each other.

Using a bluetooth headset for telephonic conversations while keeping the mobile phone in the pocket is a common practice among those who use phones on the move.

The student was taken to the principal’s room and subsequently disallowed from sitting for the examinations this year.

“We were shocked when he pulled off his wig and took out the headset from his ears. We have never seen such an instance of cheating,” said Laxmi Narayan Mondal, the principal of Suri Vidyasagar college.

Suri Vidyasagar College was the venue of the Part I exams for the BA first-year general course students from Abhedananda College in Sainthia.

The student, a resident of Rampurhat town, took his seat in room No. 206 of Rabindra Bhavan building of the college. About 60 students were in the room and he was sitting on a bench in the middle of the hall. He entered the room wearing a wig.

“First we thought that he had kept his hair long. But after the question paper was given, he was seen murmuring to himself and softly repeating the questions. We went to him and asked for the reason. He answered that it was his habit to murmur while reading or writing. We advised him not to mumble,” an invigilator said.

But within 15 minutes, he was back to murmuring the questions, he said. This, the invigilator said, he found very odd and got suspicious. After about an hour, the five invigilators who were supervising the exam told him that he would not be allowed to continue writing his paper unless he satisfactorily explained his conduct.

“When he was unable to explain, we threatened to call the police. Then he started to weep and took off his wig and the headset. We immediately realised what he was up to and took him to the principal. But while the invigilators were explaining the situation to the principal, the student ran out of the room and escaped,” said a teacher.

The college authorities contacted Burdwan University and informed them about the incident. The principal informed the police and told them they wanted to deposit the wig and the headset to them.

“But the police did not accept the wig and the headset since no formal complaint was lodged. However, the principal wrote a letter to the Suri police station informing it of the incident,” a teacher said.

Principal of Abhendananda College in Sainthia, Tapan Kumar Pramanik told The Telegraph: “I have heard about the incident. However, the Vidyasagar College authorities have not informed me about it officially.”