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Friday , June 27 , 2014
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Bullets in old box

Forty-nine bullets have been found in a small wooden box which a 75-year-old widow handed over to police on Thursday, saying it belonged to her father who died in 1985.

Dipali Guha, a resident of the Deshapran Shasmal Road area in Tollygunge, told the police that the box had not been opened since her father’s death.

An officer of Charu Market police station, where Guha had deposited the box, said the bullets were manufactured at a US ordnance factory.

“Dipali Guha’s father was in the army. It seems he had procured the bullets from his workplace. As part of the standard procedure we will inform court about the discovery and will abide by whatever the court says,” the officer said.

Guha had chanced upon the box at the Behala house of her father, A.K. Ganguly, and brought it to her second-floor apartment off Deshpran Shasmal Road two days ago.

“We carried out some renovation at the Behala house, where my brother lives with his family. The wooden box was found while we were cleaning a room where our father’s belongings were kept,” an officer quoted Guha as saying.

“The box was locked. It was quite heavy, which led the lady to suspect that it contained items related to her father’s profession. She brought it to her apartment and consulted some of her relatives, who suggested that she hand it over to the police,” said Rajeev Mishra, the joint commissioner of police, headquarters.

Guha turned up at Charu Market police station, a five-minute walk from her apartment, around 9am on Thursday.

The officers at the police station did not take any chances after coming to know that Guha’s father was in the army and alerted the bomb disposal squad at Lalbazar. “The box was kept in an isolated place inside the police station to avert any untoward incident.

Four persons from the bomb disposal squad arrived within an hour with a sniffer dog.

“The sniffer dog started acting like it does when it detects explosives,” said an officer. “We placed the box under an X-ray scanner installed in one of our vehicles and saw the bullets.”

“All 49 bullets, manufactured by a US ordnance factory, were meant for .30 calibre carbines used in World War II,” said an officer at Lalbazar.

Regent Park bullets

Police seized 29 bullets from the house of a man accused in a burglary case on Thursday. The police raided the house of Deepak Karan in the Regent Park area of Tollygunge in search of the burgled items but stumbled upon the box of bullets. Karan is in custody at Netaji Nagar police station.

Man killed

A 40-year-old man died after being hit by a mini-truck on MG Road near the Ram Lochan Mullik Street crossing on Thursday morning.