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Monday , June 23 , 2014

To deliver drugs, try veggies

Polymer scientist Dipankar Chattopadhyay loves cooking. The humble arbi — scientific name Colocasia esculenta — seems to be his favourite. The low-flame cooking that Chattopadhyay, a scientist in Calcutta, specialises in does not usually result in a scrumptious Indian ...  | Read.. 
To deliver drugs, try veggies
HandBrake to the rescue
When I convert a video file with Format Factory, the CPU usage reaches almost 100 per cent and stops the process. How can I solve this problem? ...  | Read.. 
Sweet as sugar
Everyone likes their “sugar fix” -- a cup of tea to start the day, with a biscuit or two. Many are addicted to sugar (though they may not ...  | Read..