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Friday , June 20 , 2014
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Buy what you see with Amazon Fire

Seattle, June 19 (Reuters):’s new cellphone seeks to offer shoppers instant gratification by recognising thousands of products, TV shows and songs and allowing users to immediately buy them — on the e-commerce giant’s own site, of course.

The smartphone, which joins Amazon’s “Fire” line-up, aims to stand out in a crowded field dominated by Apple Inc and Samsung Electronics. It represents an attempt to extend the company’s dominance of online commerce into mobile phone.

Users can press a button and point the phone at an object such as a can of soup or work of art, or direct it to listen to a song. If the device recognises it, the user can buy it on Amazon, if it’s sold there. The technology will be opened to app-developers for use, an approach that Apple and Google have taken with their own mobile software.