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Thursday , June 19 , 2014
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Three cheers for eye donation
- Calls from bereaved kin signal progressive outlook

City NGO Roshni, which has been tirelessly promoting eye donation for decades, has reasons to smile.

The outfit got as many as three calls in a week from family members of deceased persons regarding corneal transplants.

Two cornea pairs were found unsuitable for transplantation, while the third was sent to Prova Eye Bank in Barrackpore, Bengal, as a potential young recipient was not found in the city. “Later, the pair of corneas was transplanted to two persons in Barrackpore-based Disha Eye Hospital,” said Roshni secretary Rajnish Kumar.

The twin corneas of Sakchi resident Kapil Valani (28), who died of a sudden cardiac arrest last week at Brahmananda Narayana Multispecialty Hospital in Tamolia, were successfully harvested. “Roshni’s assistant secretary Parvinder Singh Kapoor, senior ophthalmologist of Jamshedpur Eye Hospital D.K. Singhal and technician Mahanand Prasad rushed to the hospital and harvested the corneas, both of which were found in good condition,” Kumar said.

He added that though the corneas of Satyendra Khirwal (90), who died last week, and Jayprakash Shah (60), who breathed his last at the Tata Main Hospital critical care unit on Wednesday, were found unsuitable for transplantation due to old age and other complications, the gesture of their family members was deeply moving.

Thanking the families of the deceased, Kumar said awareness campaigns on eye donation were yielding positive response. “We are also conducting awareness drives in schools and we urge parents to attend it,” he said.

Kumar, also on the executive panel of Eye Bank Association of India, said so far Roshni got 155 corneal donations. Of them, 109 were successfully harvested for transplantation,” he added.

Roshni launched its website last year to facilitate hassle-free vision pledges.

The outfit has been working in tandem with Jamshedpur Eye Hospital to spread awareness on eye donation since 1994.